Membership of Sustainable Trading is open to financial markets participants engaged in trading activity or providing trading-related services, looking to join a trading focused ESG network.

Members are required to support and promote the mission and aims of Sustainable Trading to accelerate the journey to a more sustainable future for the financial markets trading industry. Through the identification and implementation of ESG best practices, members will positively impact change within their own organisations and the wider trading industry.

Member benefits

As a member firm, you will contribute directly to a trading orientated ESG network, benefitting in turn from access to knowledge, expertise and tools that will provide shape and direction to your organisation’s own ESG initiatives.

Further, providers of trading, technology and vendor services can:

  • Take advantage of an efficient and transparent process for clear
    communication of comparable, trading-specific ESG metrics.
  • Benchmark trading services to assess own progress and progress relative to the wider industry.
  • Demonstrate commitment on ESG to clients and other stakeholders.
  • Participation in Sustainable Trading may also identify opportunities to reduce operating costs and support members in achieving Net Zero targets.
Sustainable Trading - diversity and inclusion