Sustainable Trading - a force for ESG change

As a member of Sustainable Trading, your firm can make direct and active contributions to the continued development of our ESG best practices and measurement framework, which will have a positive impact on businesses and result in a more sustainable trading industry. If you’ve been considering joining our initiative, now is the time to act. The initial version of our best practices and measurement framework are available to all new members, helping you to accelerate your sustainability journey.

Member firms can:

  • Nominate representatives to lead and guide the direction of the Sustainable Trading workstreams. 
  • Put forward skilled and motivated individuals to join expert working groups.
  • Contribute to the objectives, approach and priorities of Sustainable Trading.

Join Us

We are the hub for ESG action in the global markets trading industry. Building a more inclusive, transparent and sustainable future for our industry. Join the Sustainable Trading community today.