Press Release: Four new members join cross-industry Sustainable Trading organisation

Initial best practices distributed with ESG measurement framework underway 

Sustainable Trading, the non-profit membership network dedicated to transforming environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices within the business operations of the financial markets trading industry, celebrates its first anniversary year with the addition of 4 new members to its cross-industry initiative.

Cabrera Capital Markets, IEX Exchange, Iress, and Tourmaline Partners join an established group of market-leading financial firms committed to shaping a more sustainable financial markets trading environment.

In just a year since launching in February 2022, the collective contribution of Sustainable Trading members to Environmental, Social and Governance workstreams have resulted in the development of a set of Best Practices covering technology infrastructure, diversity, equity and inclusion, community engagement, employee wellbeing, governance desk practices and environmental business practices.

The Sustainable Trading workstreams are now defining a measurement framework that members can use to track and communicate the progress they are making to implement the best practices.

Founder and CEO Duncan Higgins said: “It has been a remarkable first year for Sustainable Trading, both in terms of the breadth and depth of our membership and the enormous progress that has been made with developing ESG best practices tailored to the trading industry. We are delighted to welcome this group of members that extends the diversity of our member base and will bring new experiences, insights, and ideas to our work programme.”

Sustainable Trading members contribute their expertise to focused Environmental, Social and Governance workstreams tasked with defining a portfolio of ESG best practices, tailored to the trading industry. Sustainable Trading will also oversee a measurement framework to enable efficient and comparable communication of ESG progress, facilitating an ethos of continuous ESG improvement.

Membership of Sustainable Trading is open to all financial market participants engaged in trading activity or providing trading-related services.

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New Member Supporting Quotes

David Mishoe, Managing Director Global Equities, Cabrera Capital Markets: “As one of the leading minority-owned broker dealers, diversity has always been ingrained in our corporate DNA.  Cabrera Capital Markets is excited to join Sustainable Trading to continue to drive awareness in diversity and inclusion within the financial markets, as ESG initiatives continue to evolve across the globe.”

Ronan Ryan, Co-Founder and President, IEX Exchange: “Accountability is fundamental to IEX Exchange. From protecting investors to improving market integrity, we have long been passionate about our pursuit of promoting fair and efficient markets. As we continue to focus on our ESG efforts, we knew Sustainable Trading was the right organization to provide meaningful accountability as we strive to effect material change in our industry and beyond.”

Aaron Hantman, CEO, Tourmaline Partners “Tourmaline is excited to join Sustainable Trading and look forward to expanding our global ESG efforts. This is an instrumental partnership allowing us to work with other like-minded firms to drive change within our industry.”

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About Sustainable Trading

Sustainable Trading is a non-profit membership network, dedicated to transforming environmental, social and governance practices within the business operations of the financial markets trading industry. The organisation runs a series of workstreams where firms contribute to the development of best practices for operational challenges faced by the industry. Through adoption of the best practices and utilisation of a standardised measurement framework, members can improve their businesses, demonstrate progress towards E, S & G goals and positively impact the wider industry.

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