Author: Alice Ellman-Brown

Understanding Social Positioning

What is Social Positioning and how does it affect the workplace?   Social Positioning is defined as how someone’s identity affects the experience they have in society, which can be impacted by implicit bias, discrimination, and social exclusion. The following infographics explain these concepts to illustrate the cyclical process that can affect the workplace if […]

The Financial Technologist – Green Initiatives in Financial Services

by Allie Marchand   In the latest edition of The Financial Technologist, a magazine by Harrington Starr, Sustainability Consultant Allie Marchand shared her thoughts on green initiatives in the workplace and the benefits they bring.   Many of us are beginning to understand the importance of addressing climate change and its negative consequences, and companies […]

In Conversation With.. Video Series: Jeremy Ellis

In conversation with the Sustainable Trading members! In this video series, we will be speaking to individuals from our member organisations who have participated in our activities since joining. In this first interview, we speak to Jeremy Ellis of T Rowe Price, who has been actively engaged with the organisation since before our launch. Jeremy […]

CastleOak Securities L.P., Davy and Norges Bank Investment Management join Sustainable Trading

After a busy and productive year, Sustainable Trading, the non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming Environmental, Social and Governance practices in the financial markets trading industry, today welcomes three more firms into the membership network.   CastleOak Securities L.P., Davy and Norges Bank Investment Management, join a group of investment managers, banks, brokers, exchanges, trading platforms […]

Summer 2023: Extreme weather, extreme impacts on environments and communities

From severe heat waves across southern Europe, the southern United States and China, to horrific wildfires in Hawaii (claiming many, many lives), Canada and Greece, over the summer months we have all witnessed the terrible impacts of extreme weather on environments and communities.     While these incidents are certainly evidence of unusual and extreme weather […]

Euronext and Sustainable Trading: How ESG is getting closer to trading desks

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is becoming an increasingly significant aspect of the decision-making framework for all financial firms. It’s not just about making more sustainable investment choices; sustainability requires all participants in the investment supply chain, from brokers to technology providers, to address sustainability challenges and champion ESG best practice within and across their […]

Webinar – What Next? The Future of the Green Economy in London

On the 26th of September, Allie and Viki participated in a webinar with the Central London Careers Hub focussing on the green economy. The discussion centred around the quick rate of growth expected from the green economy, and how approximately 50% of roles will likely be in the financial sector. In addition, the panel discussed the […]

Anniversary Event Panel: ESG perceptions, realities and recapturing the narrative

On 23 February 2023, the Sustainable Trading industry network celebrated its first anniversary with a special event hosted by founder member organisation, Jefferies. CEO and Founder Duncan Higgins led a panel discussion featuring ESG and sustainability experts from the industry: Luke Sussams from Jefferies, Victoria Kelly from Fidelity International, and Simon Clark from Kaya Advisory.  […]