Sustainable Trading Sustainability Survey

At TradeTech this year, Sustainable Trading will be undertaking a sustainability survey.

The survey will explore how sustainability is considered by exhibitors, and in-person questionnaires will be conducted over the course of the event.

Participation in the survey is voluntary.


Benefits of Participation: 

Firms will be provided with both the questions asked and their own answers. 

Anonymous analysis of the results will be provided only to those taking part. 

There will be an opportunity for the top performing firm(s) to be publicly recognised.  


How to prepare 

Please ensure that employees at your exhibitor stand have an awareness of the decision-making around the exhibition stand, marketing materials, giveaways, travel, and other involvement at the conference. 

We encourage members of Sustainable Trading to review their Best Practices, as these will cover all the assessed points within the questionnaire. 


Confidentiality Information 

The information that you provide will be used to assess how sustainability has been considered by exhibitors at TradeTech Europe 2023.  

Your information will be kept confidential, being disclosed only in aggregated and anonymous form.  

Firms taking part will be provided with a copy of their own responses and an anonymous analysis of the aggregated results.  

There will be an opportunity for public recognition of top performing firms. These firms will be contacted by Sustainable Trading to provide consent to publicly announce your firm’s success in the exercise.   

Please let us know if you have any questions.